Our 35 faculty in the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group are assembled to span a range of departments, specialities, and research interests. We believe that an interdisciplinary approach to research, teaching and outreach leads to greater scientific and educational outcomes. Browse our faculty to learn more.

Abou Najm, Majdi

Assistant Professor of Soil Biophysics

Email: mabounajm@ucdavis.edu


Curriculum Vitae​

Research interests: Preferential flow paths, pore structure characterization, multi-domain flow, root-soil-water-plant continuum, water-energy-food nexus, environmental and natural systems, optimization.

Bombardelli, Fabian

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

3105 Ghausi Hall

Email: fabombardelli@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-0949


Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Development and use of computational-fluid-dynamics and computational-hydraulics techniques to address problems belonging to the field of environmental fluid mechanics.

Casey, William

Professor of Chemistry 

1480 Chemistry Annex

Email: whcasey@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-3211

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: Weathering reactions between water, rock and minerals. Reactions with water on mineral surfaces, something which can be mimicked in the laboratory by studying the aqueous chemistry of metal aquo clusters by heteronuclear NMR and MS. Other interests include crystal growth, general cluster chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, and chemistry from an environmental aspect.

Daccache, Andre

Assistant Professor in Irrigation Engineering and Agricultural Water Management

3052 Bainer Hall

Email: adaccache@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530)0219-8438


Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: Design and performance analysis of large water distribution systems and on-farm pressurized irrigation networks, precision irrigation,  climate change impact on crop productivity and water resources availability, crop modelling, water footprint, benchmarking irrigation efficiency, use of treated waste water in agriculture, decision support systems for an efficient water use in agriculture.

Dahlgren, Randy

Professor of Soil Science & Pedologist / Soil Mineralogist

Chair, Department Land, Air and Water Resources

Russell L. Rustici Endowed Chair in Rangeland Watershed Sciences

Director, Kearney Foundation of Soil Science
Soils & Biogeochemistry

3306 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building

Email: radahlgren@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-2814

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Interactions of hydrological, geochemical, and biological processes in regulating surface and ground water chemistry. This research provides information to help guide the management of agricultural and wildland ecosystems in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Dahlke, Helen

Associate Professor in Integrated Hydrologic Sciences

3306 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building

Email: hdahlke@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 302-5358

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Experimental research of surface and groundwater interaction, vadose zone transport processes, stochastic hydrology, water resources management, and applications of DNA nanotechnology in hydrology.

Dong, Xiaoli

Assistant professor in Environmental Science & Policy


3156 Wickson Hall


Email: xldong@ucdavis.edu




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Curriculum Vitae 

Research interests: I study spatial self-organization and emergent properties of ecosystems at multiple scales. Two general questions of interest are:

  1. How do local interactions among ecological agents give rise to emergent patterning and properties at the landscape scale?

  2. How does geomorphic evolution of landscapes interact with biological evolution of organisms at the time scale relevant to both processes?


I am particularly interested in developing general theoretical frameworks to understand how an ecosystem works. The primary approach applied is mathematical modeling, combined with monitoring and/or experimental data collected from the field.

Fogg, Graham

Professor of Hydrologic Science & Hydrogeologist

Director of UC Water, UC Davis

237 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: gefogg@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-6810 

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Groundwater contaminant transport; groundwater basin characterization and management; geologic/geostatistical characterization of subsurface heterogeneity for improved pollutant transport modeling; numerical modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport; role of molecular diffusion in contaminant transport and remediation; long-term sustainability of regional groundwater quality; vulnerability of aquifers to non-point-source groundwater contaminants.

Foglia, Laura

Associate Adjunct Professor of Hydrologic Science

235 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: lfoglia@ucdavis.edu


Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Numerical modeling of complex, integrated hydrologic systems, including coupling distributed rainfall-runoff models with groundwater models and surface water-groundwater interactions. Sensitivity analysis, parameter estimation, prediction, and uncertainty evaluation in complex environmental systems. Using hydrological models to determine total maximum daily load (TMDL) and transport of sediments, metals, and bacteria in streams. Global change: effects of climate change and human impact on water resources, with main focus on groundwater depletion, and freshwater ecosystem conservation. Managed aquifer recharge and solution to water scarcity problems in arid and semi-arid countries. Food-energy-water nexus.

Forrest, Alexander

Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

3155 Ghausi Hall

Email: alforrest@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 754-9428

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: My general area of research focuses on understanding the influences between localized bathymetry and the surrounding water column. As much of this work is on a scale logistically difficult (e.g. large scale shorelines) or impossible (e.g. under-ice) to survey with traditional techniques, I have worked since 2006 with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) as data collection platforms to further my research. My research aim is to continue developing a engineering research group with these vehicles and other emerging technologies to address pioneering scientific questions. The aim requires expertise in varied domains including: (i) environmental fluid mechanics; (ii) bathymetric mapping; and,(iii) invasive species identification and ecosystem assessment. Bringing together these diverse fields, enables an understanding of aquatic habitat and ecosystem assessment not previously available.

Grismer, Mark

Professor of Hydrologic Science and Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Cooperative Extension Agricultural Drainage Engineer

209 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: megrismer@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 304-5797

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Water movement in the watershed and shallow subsurface and associated water quality problems; infiltration and multi-phase transport in soils, water quality in wetland systems; environmental ethics.

Harter, Thomas

Professor of Hydrologic Science

Chair, Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group

Cooperative Extension Groundwater Specialist

125 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: thharter@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-2709

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Flow and transport processes in groundwater and in the vadose zone; non-point source pollution of groundwater; groundwater remediation; groundwater resources management; geostatistics; stochastic analysis; numerical modeling. Projects: groundwater quality impacts from confined animal facilities; nitrogen fluxes in a deep heterogeneous vadose zone; transport of Cryptosporidium parvum in unconsolidated sediments; stochastic analysis of salinity migration in deep aquifer systems; conjunctive management of surface water and groundwater resources; fate and transport of emerging contaminants.

Herman, Jonathan

Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

3138 Ghausi Hall

Email: jdherman@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-8870

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: 

  • Water resources planning and management under uncertainty

  • Multi-objective optimization and decision support

  • System dynamics simulation of coupled human-environmental systems

  • Sensitivity analysis of model assumptions

Hernes, Peter

Professor of Hydrology & Assistant Aqueous Chemist

129 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: pjhernes@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 754-4927

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Aqueous organic geochemistry, molecular methods development, carbon cycling, river biogeochemistry, tannin diagenesis, photochemistry and transport of lignin/ terrigenous organic matter, mineral protection and interaction with organic matter, dissolved/particulate interactions.

Horwath, William

Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry and Soil Biogeochemistry

James G. Boswell Endowed Chair in Soil Science

3226 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building

Email: wrhorwath@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 754-6029

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Biogeochemistry

Jin, Yufang

Associate Professor of Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Change

Associate Environmental Scientist in the AES

123 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: yujin@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 219-4429 

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Remote sensing of terrestrial ecosystems, crop monitoring and precision agriculture, fire disturbances, ecohydrology, climate-vegetation-humans interactions, biogeochemical cycles, fire and vegetation management, Geographic Information Systems.

Kisekka, Isaya

Assistant Professor of Irrigation Engineering and Agricultural Water Management


119 Veihmeyer Hall


Email: ikisekka@ucdavis.edu


Phone: (530)-379-9549


Curriculum Vitae




Research Interests:

Precision irrigation management based on soil and plant water status sensing. Optimization of water and nutrient use efficiency using microirrigation and precision mechanical move sprinkler irrigation

Agrohydrology and crop modeling. Field-based studies on crop response to water and water productivity. Sustainable conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water for irrigation. Salinity management. Water reuse, and alternative water supplies for irrigation. Data analytics (time series, and machine learning) applications in agricultural water management.

Largier, John

Professor of Coastal Oceanography

Bodega Marine Laboratory

Email: jlargier@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (707) 875-1930

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: My research is in coastal oceanography and ecology, specifically field-based study of water motion and the associated transport of water-borne material. This includes oceanographic study of bays in upwelling regions (open and enclosed bays), small "west coast" estuaries characterized by arid summers, bar-built mouths and pulsed winter inflow, and nearshore circulation (e.g., outflow from rivers, shoaling internal tides, and wind/wave-driven flows). My interest in environmental and ecological issues include larval/juvenile dispersal, coastal water quality (e.g., beach pollution), and primary productivity (including harmful algal blooms). My long-term goal is to better understand coastal ocean systems – to obtain an integrative view of how the diverse components, processes, and scales fit together.

Lubell, Mark

Professor in Environmental Science & Policy

Director, Center for Environmental Policy & Behavior

2146 Wickson Hall

Email: mnlubell@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-5880

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: My research focuses on human behavior and the role of governance institutions in solving collective action problems and facilitating cooperation. The collective action problems associated with environmental policy provide a laboratory for my research. My current projects include watershed management, environmental activism, agricultural best management practices, and institutional change in local governments. I also dabble in experimental economics and simulation techniques to further explore collective action theory.

Lund, Jay

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Director, Center for Watershed Sciences

3109 Ghausi Hall

Email: jrlund@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-5671

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Systems analysis in water resources and environment planning and management.

Monier, Erwan

Assistant Professor, Climate Change Impacts


247 Hoagland Hall 

Office: TBD

Fax: 530-752-1793

Email: emonier@ucdavis.edu

Faculty Professional Page

M.Eng., Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics (National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, ENSEEIHT)
Ph.D., Atmospheric Science (University of California, Davis)

Research Interests: My research interests focus on climate modeling and uncertainty quantification, using a hierarchy of climate models and investigating the uncertainty in future projections of global and regional climate change and climate extremes. My interests also include climate impact assessment, using processed-based models,integratedassessmentmodelsand econometric impact models. My research aims at improving the modeling of the coupled human-Earth system, focusing on the Energy-Water-Land dynamics and on the interactions between climate change, air quality and health.

Morales, Verónica

Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

3136 Ghausi Hall

Email: vermorales@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-4008

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: My work is driven by interest in discovering emerging physico-chemical processes at the micro-scale that control macro-scale transport and fate of colloids and emerging nanoparticle contaminants in soils and groundwater. Some topics I am currently digging into are:

  • Fate and transport of particle contaminants in groundwater

  • Non-Fickian transport through porous media

  • Biochar engineering

  • Evaporative self-assembly

Oldroyd, Holly

Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

3129 Ghausi Hall

Email: hjoldroyd@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-8819

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: My research interests include environmental turbulent flows as found in rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere with a focus on water-land-atmosphere interactions. Investigating surface exchanges of mass and energy improves our understanding of evapotranspiration, microclimates, turbulence intensity, and the transport of greenhouse gases or environmental pollutants. I use field investigations, laboratory measurements, and numerical simulations to investigate fundamental turbulent transport dynamics, enhance model development, improve forecasting capabilities, and inform resource management strategies, with a focus on mountainous regions, urban areas and the transitional zones between them.

Pandey, Pramod

Assistant Professor of Population Health and Reproduction

Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist (microbiological waste)

Email: pkpandey@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-0615

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: My research and extension plan at University of California, Davis is to derive engineering solutions (involving veterinarians, engineers, specialist, farm managers, and dairy farmers) for controlling microbial pathogens from animal waste. I use basics of hydrology, fluid and sediment transport, climate, and behaviors of bacteria at different environmental conditions to understand pathogenic bacteria transport from farms to ambient water.

Pasternack, Gregory

Professor of Hydrology

223 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: gpast@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 302-5658

Curriculum Vitae




Research Interests: My group helps society manage and restore hydrogeomorphic processes in support of enhanced ecosystem functioning.  We do this through a combination of (a) basic physical and ecological science to understand how the naturally complex landscape works and (b) direct engagement in environmental restoration and management to get our capabilities into the hands of practitioners, regulators, and stakeholders.

Paw U, Kyaw Tha

Professor of Atmospheric Science and Biometeorologist (in the AES)

139 Hoagland Hall

Email: ktpawu@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-1510

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: Biometeorology, micrometeorology, evapotranspiration, turbulence, aerosol physics, and boundary layer meteorology.

Pinter, Nicholas

Professor of Geomorphology

Roy J. Shlemon Chair in Applied Geosciences


3113 Earth and Physical Sciences

Email: npinter@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 754-1041

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: My research focuses on earth-surface processes (geomorphology) applied to a broad range of problems. Much recent work involves rivers, fluvial geomorphology, flood hydrology, floodplains, and watersheds. My research group applies fluvial geomorphology, hydrologic and statistical tools, hydraulic modeling, and other approaches to assess river dynamics and flood hazards. Although much current research focuses on rivers, I continue to work on a broad range of processes that shape the earth surface and operate, in particular, over anthropogenic time scales (yes, the "Anthropocene"). One pressing human application is for managing risk from natural hazards, and my group has worked extensively on quantifying those risks, guiding mitigation and other solutions, and providing a scientific basis for sound natural-hazards public policy.

Puente, Carlos

Professor of Hydrology

127 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: cepuente@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 902-6030

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Uncertainties and variability of hydrologic processes; rainfall modeling in space and time; fluvial geomorphology; groundwater contamination; rainfall-runoff modeling; complexity; chaos; fractals; turbulence.

Sadro, Steven

Assistant Professor

3118 Wickson Hall

Email: ssadro@ucdavis.edu

Phone: 530-752-6301


Research interests:

Fundamental physical, chemical, and biological limnology of high-elevation lakes and streams, coupled lake-watershed processes, carbon and nutrient cycling in aquatic ecosystems, climate change impacts on lakes, food web dynamics, and wetland ecology.

Sandoval Solis, Samuel

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

Cooperative Extension Specialist in Water Management


135 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: samsandoval@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 754-9646

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Integrated water resources managementenvironmental flows, transboundary basins, water conservation and efficient use of water.

Ustin, Susan

Professor of Environmental and Resource Sciences


139 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: slustin@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-0621

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Remote sensing of environmental properties and landscape analysis utilizing optical, microwave, and thermal scanners; radiation interactions in plant canopies and application to hydrological and ecological problems.

Yang, Da

Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

Email: dayang@ucdavis.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: My research is to develop a unified understanding of how the tropical atmosphere works, and the key is to understand moist convection—cumulus clouds and thunderstorms. Moist convection dominates vertical energy transport in the lower atmosphere, and its interaction with atmospheric circulations forms the basis of a spectrum of atmospheric phenomena across wide temporal-spatial scales. I am now thinking about the following questions that help advance our understanding of multiscale convection. How do mesoscale [O(100 km)] cloud systems cluster together? What sets the propagation speed of synoptic scale [O(1,000 km)] tropical waves? What is the nature of the planetary scale [O(10,000 km)] Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO)?

Zaccaria, Daniele

Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist


231 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: dzaccaria@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 219-7502

Curriculum Vitae



Research Interests: Agricultural water management, irrigation, agriculture, fruit and nut trees, environment and natural resources.

Zhang, Minghua

Professor of Environmental & Resource Science


131 Veihmeyer Hall

Email: mhzhang@ucdavis.edu

Phone: (530) 752-4953 

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: GIS database development. Spatial analysis of groundwater leaching and surface water runoff as affected by pesticide applications in agriculture fields using GIS. Integrated solute transport modeling in GIS. Remote sensing satellite and aerial photography applications in precision farming.

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