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Admissions requirements, prerequisite coursework, graduate coursework and specialization tracks, M.S. and Ph.D. routes, course electives, procedures to advance to candidacy for Ph.D. students, normative time to degree, sources of funding, planned educational leave (pelp), and more are covered in the Hydrological Sciences Degree Requirements, last approved by the University of California Davis Graduate Council in spring of 2020 (minor revisions) and fall of 2016 (major revisions, including new specializations, dissertation plan C). 

HSGG Degree Requirements

Approved by the UC Davis Graduate Council (2023)

HSGG Degree Requirements Appendix (CCOs)

Approved by the UC Davis Graduate Council (2020)

HSGG Course List for Meeting Degree Requirements

Last updated: April 2023

For biannual coursework planning forms, please visit the Student Forms page.
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