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HSGG administration is governed by bylaws founded in 1992 and updated December 16, 2011. HSGG administrators include the Group Chair, the Graduate Advisors, and the Admit Advisor.  HSGG standing committees include the Executive Committee, Admissions Committee, Scholarship Committee, and Seminar Committee.


Group Chair

Thomas Harter
125 Veihmeyer Hall
(530) 752-2709

Graduate Advisors

Helen Dahlke

3306 Plant and Environmental Sciences Building


Isaya Kisekka

119 Veihmeyer Hall

(530) 379-9549

Peter Hernes
129 Veihmeyer Hall
(530) 754-4327



Admissions Advisor

Brett Poulin

COMMITTEES (2022-2023)

Executive Committee

Helen Dahlke, Pramod Pandey, Brett Poulin, Yufang Jin, Shila Ruiz, Amber Bonarrigo (Student Rep), Kristen Ondris (Student Rep)

Scholarship Committee

Veronica Morales (Chair), Mallika Nocco, Admissions Advisor

Admissions Committee

Admissions Advisor (EC member - Brett Poulin), Scholarship Committee Chair, Thomas Harter, Shila Ruiz

Development Committee


Seminar Committee

Andre Daccache (Chair), Leland Scantlebury, Cassandra Bonfil, Nuo Xu, Zhendan Cao

Graduate Student Association Representatives

Kristen Ondris

Amber Bonarrigo

Social Chairs, HSGG Students

Kira Waldman, Spencer Jordan

HYD 201 A Instructor

Peter Hernes

HYD 201 B Instructor


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