Hydrologic Sciences at UC Davis welcomes Postdoctoral Scholars from all over the world. Postdocs have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge solutions to modern day issues affecting water resources in California, and worldwide.


Guo, Zhilin

PhD, Soil, Water and Environmental Science

University of Arizona (2016)

Email: zlguo@ucdavis.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Groundwater flow and contaminant transport simulation. Regional scale transport modeling. Groundwater remediation.

Goharian, Erfan

PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Utah (2015)

Email: egoharian@ucdavis.edu

Curriculum Vitae​

Google Scholar


Research Interests: Erfan Goharian's research interests include integrated water resources modeling and management, system analysis, system dynamics of food-energy-water nexus, and hydroinformatics. He has additional expertise related to hydrologic modeling, climate change impact assessment on water resources, and stormwater management. He is leading the research on integrated modeling and management of water resource systems in California as a part of UC WATER Security and Sustainability Research Initiative. He aims to develop a framework to model interactions among the major sectors of the water system (snow, mountain subsurface water, surface reservoirs, and groundwater systems) to achieve greater water security and sustainability in California. Beyond his technical background, he has experience working in collaborations across institutions and disciplinary boundaries (CI-Water Project and USAID Partner Center for Advanced Studies in Water).

Henri, Christopher Vincent

PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Polytechnic University of Catalonia, BarcelonaTech (2015)

Email: chenri@ucdavis.edu

Curriculum Vitae​

Research Interests: I am interested in the fate and transport of conservative and reactive contaminants in heterogeneous aquifers and in improving the risk estimation through stochastic modeling and numerical method development. My researches at UC Davis focus on providing methods, protocols, criteria and technical tools to enable decision makers to apply the Anti-Degradation policy to groundwater resources.

McNew, Coy

PhD, Environmental Engineering

Vanderbilt University

Email: mcnewcp@gmail.com

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Coy received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Vanderbilt University in December 2015, where he studied the environmental transport of engineered nanomaterials, including state of the art analytical laboratory techniques and a first of its kind machine learning approach to describe particle transport behavior. His current research interests include linking particle and solute transport at the laboratory, continuum, and field scales, as well as the fabrication and application of custom sequenced DNA-labelled nanoparticles to better understand complex hydrologic, pathogenic, and associated environmental transport pathways.

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