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HSGG Student Handbook

Draft, July 2020

HSGG Degree Requirements

Approved by the UC Davis Graduate Council (2023)

(also see here)

Course Planning:   Online list of courses to consider with further course information, by specialization requirements.

Candidacy: Master's students must file for candidacy when they have completed at least half of their coursework and at least one quarter before completing all degree requirements. PhD students must file for candidacy upon successfully passing the qualifying exam. To advance, students fill out and submit the appropriate forms:

MS Plan I Candidacy Form
MS Plan II Candidacy Form
Doctoral Candidacy Form (Plan C)
Qualifying Exam:  The HSGG Degree Requirements (link above) provide all the rules. PhD students must submit the Qualifying Exam Application at least 4 weeks prior to their desired exam date for approval. For further preparation, the Office of Graduate Studies has a helpful guide.
Advising Meetings: Graduate students are required to complete and submit Coursework Planning forms (below) twice per year in the Fall and Spring quarters, once by November 15th and once by May 30th.

Earth Surface Processes



Physical Hydrology

Water Policy & Management

Pre - 2016 Program

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